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Calvary Baptist Easter Outreach 2a.jpg

Easter Outreach at Calvary Baptist, Salem OR

Apr 09 2021

On Saturday, March 27th, Calvary Baptist Church of Salem, OR hosted their first drive-thru "Easter Experience" event. Recognizing that their normal Easter Egg Hunt would not be feasible given the current COVID restrictions, the church created 5 vignette scenes describing the Easter story. While slowly driving through the church parking lot, people could view the scenes and read the related scripture passages (or read them on their phone using QR codes).  At the end of their mini adventure, each child received a bag with various candy stuffed plastic eggs in which the colors of the eggs corresponded with the Easter story. Also included was a flyer inviting the guests to Holy Week events including the Easter morning celebration service.  Following the event, teams went out with the leftover bags of eggs to nearby parks where they passed out the bags to children and families.


Stuffing the Bags


Scenes from the Easter Drive Through